Laysan Technologies provide Inventory & Stock Management ERP software that can be used in any kind of stock and inventory management. You can use it as internal company stock management, grocery management, store management, construction erp, printing press, manufacturing plants, stationaries shops, pharmacy shops etc..

Inventory Management Software Features:

  • Maintain Items category, Sub-category and Unit type masters
  • Maintain Item masters
  • Maintain Supplier/Vendor masters
  • Maintain Department masters
  • Maintain Company masters
  • Maintain Rate masters (Items rate from different Supplier/Vendor)
  • Inward Entry (Purchase from suppliers/vendor or stock transfer between departments)
  • Outward Entry (Sale to vendor or stock transfer or consumption or issue to someone)
  • Stock in/out report item wise, date wise, month wise
  • Stock valuation report item wise, date wise, month wise
  • Ledger report item wise, date wise, month wise
  • Issue Slip to department and maintain live stock
  • Inward reports
  • Outward reports
  • Backup data facility
  • Multi store management available with stock transfer

Items and Rate Master

Inventory & Stock Management Dashboard

Inward/Outward Reports

Stock Reports

Items Ledger Reports


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