OMR/ICR Sheets

Proper design of the sheet/form plays very important role in the accuracy of the data. Our staff comprises highly skilled professionals capable of designing of scannable OMR/ICR Sheets/Forms. OMR/ICR Sheets is the used to capture human-marked data from document forms..They are used to read questionnaires, multiple choice examination paper in the form of lines or shaded areas.

OMR Sheets/Forms

OMR sheets or forms are used to mark responses by way of filling bubbles provided on the OMR sheets. Responses in OMR Sheets can either be in the letter form i.e. A,B,C or in numeric i.e. 1,2,3..., We can design your OMR Sheet in such a manner that it will cover almost every question/feedback you want to know.

Care should be taken at the time of OMR sheet Designing and Printing

Filling bubbles on OMR Sheets / Forms

  • The bubbles on the OMR Sheet should be filled carefully
  • Avoid partial filling or spilling out.
  • Do not tick or overfill the OMR circles
  • Completely darken the respective circle for your response
  • OMR sheet has to be filled using Blue/Black Pen or HB pencil
  • Mark multiple bubbles only in case of more than one correct answer. If you mark more than one circle in a single choice question then answer will be considered as wrong.

ICR Forms

Through ICR forms, data can be picked up using scanned images of the forms. We can easily pick data in the alphabetic, numeric, alphanumeric, tick mark or bubble filled form. Utmost care should be taken in designing these forms keeping in mind proper height of the blocks and proper spacing in between to allow user to fill data properly which can be read by the scanners accurately. It is mostly used in the preparation of Admit cards, Survey forms, Questionnaire forms etc.

 90 – 95 % data can be picked up from handwritten ICR forms without manual verification
 Image capture (photographs, signatures, biometrics)
 Automatic detection of color/monochrome images

OMR/ICR Technology can be used in the following areas

  • Entrance/Competitive Examination
  • Govt./Public/Private Organization for selection of candidates
  • School Examination Board
  • University
  • Talent Search Examinations
  • Application Form, Survey , Questionnaires , Customer Feedback

Advantages of OMR/ICR Sheets

  • Gathering of data and analysis on these sheets is economical, fast and reliable
  • These sheets can be customized according to the client's need
  • Faster turnaround on large volumes of data
  • 99.9% error free results (up to 100%, if required)
  • Automatic checks for duplicate, missing, invalid and erroneous data
  • Data extraction and Statistical analysis
  • Automatic scoring of OMR answer sheets at the scanning time
OMR Designing

This form/sheet has black colour index point (in Square, circle or oval sizes) which are at the corners of the sheet & are also known as sheet bounding points.

The different sections of the OMR sheet/form are defined within these index points.

Timing Track

They are rectangular blocks on the side of OMR Sheets which define the location of rows on the sheet. It indicates where to read for response marks and where to clip for images.



Timing Track linine

They must be placed in the straight line along with bubble blocks else the marked response doesn’t read correctly by the scanner.



OMR bubble filling

The bubbles on the OMR Sheet should be filled carefully



Sheet Cutting margin

OMR sheets cutting margin beside the timing track must be spaced properly for every sheet. Then only scanner will read it correctly.

  • The sheet used for designing should be one color (red, green, blue)
  • For single side sheet printing the paper thickness should be 90gsm
  • For double side sheet printing the paper thickness should be 100gsm.
ICR Form Designing
  • Users will have to write clearly & carefully because form will be processed by the computer.
  • Use Capital Letters to fill the form. Show character examples such as how an “A” or a “2” should be formed.

Data Pick up facility

  • Alphabetic, Numeric & Alphanumeric filled form
  • Tick mark
  • Bubble filled

Comb Lines

While designing comb lines, provide proper room between each vertical tick marks. Make the tick marks long enough to encourage people to write between them. A vertical height at least half the height of the expected character is usually sufficient.


Character response locations

Multiple character response locations such as a Name field may contain separated boxes if space permits, or may be joined together.

Individual fields should be separated by enough space to easily identify where one field stops and the next starts.

Rows of fields stacked vertically should be separated by at least one half the height of an individual box.

Boxes can be printed with either solid black lines or dropout colors, depending on the scanning and forms processing technology used.




OMR/ICR Printing & Binding

OMR Sheets/Forms

We deal in designing, printing, scanning & evaluation of OMR Sheets. OMR sheets is used to mark responses by way of filling bubbles provided on the OMR sheets. OMR/ICR sheets is used in examination/recruitment managed by Govt. & Private organizations.

OMR answer sheets or application forms must be printed very carefully. If OMR sheets/forms are not printed properly, the result will not come accurate. No OMR scanner/OMR software can read the data from OMR sheets/forms if there is any design or printing fault. We can print up to 2,00,000 sheets per day complete with Litho/Bar code.

Paper Quality

  • For OMR sheets, we provide both standard and heavy weight paper of highest quality to satisfy your scanning needs and that meets stringent scanner requirements.
  • For both side printed (with barcode/Litho code/Serial No.) single sheet, thickness should be 90 to 120 gsm
  • For printing of OMR answer sheets in Carbonless/Pressure Sensitive (2Ply/ 3Ply) with facility of barcode/Litho code/Serial No., Top sheet thickness should be 90 to 115 gsm and second sheet thickness should be more than 80 gsm as per client’s requirement.

ICR Sheets/Forms

We provide both standard and heavy weight paper of highest quality to satisfy your scanning needs along with finest quality printing. For Single ICR sheet/form printing on both sides, thickness should be more than 60 gsm. We can print ICR sheets 200000 to 250000 per day with any type of numbering on the sheets.

OMR/ ICR sheets numbering & packing  

Bar coding

We support printing and scanning of UPC A and E, Code 39, Code 128, Interleaved 2 of 5, and EAN 8 and 13 bar codes. .


We support scannable sequential binary numbers used to uniquely identify forms or to link form pages together for later processing.

Serial Numbering

We support sequential numbers to be used as visual identifiers for OMR / ICR scannable forms, or scannable sequential numbers for image scannable forms.


We can print and bind your form in a variety of sizes and formats including cut sheets, continuous forms, booklets, and multi-part continuous and unit-set forms.

Quantities & Sets

We can bundle your order in sets of 25, 50, 100, 200, and 1000. Each set is shrinking wrapped (for smaller quantities, first we wrap in plastic envelops then in laminated paper envelope) and each box which holds up to 1000 forms, is again shrink wrapped, labeled and ribbon tapped before transporting for damage free delivery.

OMR/ICR Scanning

We have latest version of OMR/ICR scanners. Through these scanners, we can directly pick data from the answer sheets and store it into a database for the preparation of the result and other data analysis work.

OMR Result Processing

A highly specialized field of activity where confidentiality, accuracy and adherence to strict schedules are of prime importance. We are doing result processing for many organizations like Boards, Public & Private Selection Organizations, Universities and Commissions.

OMR/ICR Form Processing

We are doing processing of all kinds of OMR/ICR forms like School, Board, university, Institutes (For making Admit cards etc.), medical or insurance claim forms, market research forms, survey forms or any online forms used for the preparation of database.

We are extremely proud of our support and are available to help you at anytime.

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