On-screen marking is a method of marking a candidate’s response that has been produced on paper and presented to an examiner for marking on-screen using a PC/Laptop. Evaluation of descriptive answer script with scalable and robust Document Management based On-Screen Marking System, to help educational institutions & commissions increase efficiency and reduce costs around assessing physical examination documents. The System effectively automates and streamlines handling of physical documents; enabling educational institutions to transform their traditional paper based examination evaluation systems.

The process of conducting and evaluating paper-based exams is very complex and challenging. As the number of candidates appearing for these examinations is constantly increasing day by day, there is a large volume of paper scripts to be managed, requiring extensive logistics for their distribution to the evaluation centres, spread across geographies. And keeping this at a secure place engaged lots of space.

On-Screen Marking (OSM) system provides an extensive platform for evaluating pen and paper based examinations on computer screens. On-Screen Marking system completely automates the marking and scoring of descriptive answer scripts into an accurate, simple, secure and efficient process.

Awarding and Assessment Bodies including Professional Bodies and Universities would benefit from implementing on-screen marking and would typically realize the following advantages:

  • An improvement in the reliability and quality of marking
  • More efficient use of examiner skill
  • Answer Script Digitization
  • An increase in the speed of marking
  • A reduction in the risks associated with transporting exam scripts between centres and examiners
  • A reduction in the risks associated with the influence of a single examiner marking a whole exam script
  • Real-time monitoring of marking progress & quality
  • Elimination of errors related to incorrect tabulation and recording of marks
  • Secure storage and management of scanned answer scripts
  • Solve RTI Compliance easily

On-Screen Marking Solution is used for Examination Boards / Universities / Schools / Commissions.



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