Laysan Technologies Pvt Ltd deals in IT Hardware and Networking Solutions. We specialize in IT hardware and Networking Support and installing key business solutions across India. Our hardware and networking engineers are experienced in supervising and designing the installation process. We provide networking solutions along with the requisite hardware such as switches, hubs, gateways, access points, network interface cards, networking cables & structured cabling to help you choose the right solution for your business needs.

Every customer requirement is unique and each has requirements that are different from the next. We take the time to get to know the company and team members and the problem then design solutions that are aimed to address those requirements. we identify the challenges by taking the time to listen to the customer to understand needs and unique challenges and then, we propose an appropriate solution.

What we offer in IT Hardware & Networking Solutions?

IT Hardware Solutions:

We offer end to end IT Hardware solutions to out clients. We manage your Hardware that works according to your needs. We at Laysan Technologies Pvt. Ltd. have quality hardware support service. The right equipment is the corn stone of each job. Nowadays the access to company data is a necessary part of almost every job, therefore every company must solve the choice of the right equipment. It may seem to be an easy task because there is a high range of computing technology, on the other hand, plenty of factors must be taken into the account while choosing the right computer such as the compatibility with a company infrastructure and applications used. The chosen device must also match technological security requirements and be purchased for a good price with the respect of a service life and user comfort. When you get a service from us you get a fulfillment of your requirement.

Therefore, we create conceptual suggestions for all the company infrastructure, which include not only the previously mentioned compatibility with the company environment, but also match great power and price demands. What is more is, that thanks to our long lasting conception we are capable to choose the right device matching a potential development including guaranteed service and corresponding warranty.

IT Networking Solutions:

It is important to take the infrastructure network not only for sharing data but also as a possible method for voice or supervisory control systems which all significantly reduce costs for creating seemingly unrelated systems. Now everything depends on networking, You can not connect with your server if you have no proper networking solutions installed. We identify your problem and provide the best Networking solutions. Laysan Technologies Pvt Ltd deals in Networking infrastructure development.

Without networking it is impossible to work and communicate efficiently. The network infrastructure quality matches the right availability of corporate information. The more users requiring company data access, the better technological and data network must be. We always suggest the network equipped with homogeneous devices which enables not only a complete data operation control, but also meet the security and guarantee requirements. Another advantage of our solutions is a complete maintenance of remote connections, which can safely connect remote networks of e. g. company branches or enables users to work safely in home or public insecure networks.

Overcome your network issues and go real-time with your customers with the help of our technologically advanced business applications. Irrespective of the type and size of your business, we meet all your requirements including high performance with high reliability, simplification of LAN network layers, the ability to treat different applications with a different set of parameters, support for latest security trends, ease of management and green solutions with low operational costs. Our experts study your business needs thoroughly, transforming these needs into a simplified, resilient, service oriented and energy efficient LAN solution with minimal running costs.

Optimized Server Solutions:

Laysan Technologies Pvt Ltd deals in Data Center development and server solutions. Common users connected to a company infrastructure do not usually know how many and what kind of servers are usually being used. It is necessary due to high costs for purchasing high quality servers to consider if to invest money into integrated server systems, which can provide multiple server services from one device, or if to spread individual functions among specially configured device.

We offer proven server solutions which we can tune with the already existed technology and infrastructure. We are also able to treat critical outages of individual device for in advance agreed conditions. We are able to divide the load dynamically among more device with the same functionality to prevent the extension of response in working environment or even outages due to overload in extensive network when a huge amount or users are working simultaneously.

Label Printer Solutions:

Laysan Technologies Pvt Ltd deals in Label Printers. The label printer is a special purpose printer that has been formatted to print labels, tags and bar codes on self-adhesive labels, card stock, rolled stock and tear sheet stock. Other label printers are engineered to print on film and foil substrates. Label printers is used to printer barcode labels, invoices etc..

We deals in TVS LP45, TVS LP45 Lite and Zebra printers. These label printers are most popular and best for heavy duty use in any industries.

Barcode Scanners Solutions:

Laysan Technologies Pvt Ltd deals in Barcode Scanners. There are two type of barcode sccanners: 1D barcode reader and 2D barcode reader. 1D barcode reader will read only 1D barcode but 2D barcode reader read both 1D, 2D barcode & QR Codes.

We deals in Honeywell barcode scanner and TVS barcode scanners. Honeywell barcode scanner 1250G suitable for 1D barcode reading and Honeywell barcode scanner 1450G suitable for both 1D, 2D barcode and QR code reading.

We are extremely proud of our support and are available to help you at anytime.

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